Ambassador vs Affiliate: What's the Difference?

Becoming a brand ambassador or an affiliate are both great ways to join the Global Soccer community. However, there is a bit of a difference between joining either of the two programs.

Anyone is able to join our affiliate program and it is quick and easy to get set up. Once you become an affiliate, you will receive a unique link that can be used to direct people to our and receive commissions on their purchases. Every affiliate who joins our program will make a 10% commission on every sale they initiate.

Click here to join our affiliate program.

Not everyone can join our ambassador program, and it is much more exclusive. You can only be apart of our ambassador program once you apply through our website and you application is looked over and accepted by our team. Applicants are judged based on like their social reach, image, and compatibility with our brand. Brand ambassadors, unlike affiliates, will receive a special commission rate that we determine is fair (which will always be 10% or more). Ambassadors will also receive gifts and complementary products from our team as a thanks for working with us. Also, as an ambassador, you will be featured on our social media and reach over 3,000 people (and growing rapidly).

Click here to apply to become a brand ambassador.